Prep, prime & protect your skin with Sormé June 21, 2017 07:00

The most common discussion we have with women is that their skin is very sensitive and therefore they either can’t wear makeup or they wear very little. Our first response to this is “how old is your makeup”? Are you cleaning your tools and brushes correctly, and do you know what ingredients are in your makeup that could be irritating your skin? So many women are guilty of this, we tend to keep our makeup in cosmetic bags for months or even years!

Every one of your cosmetic products should have an image of a little “bin” on it and it will have a maximum time period on the product as to how long one should keep it for. Take a marker and add the date once you have opened it. Discard your old makeup that has been sitting in your cosmetic bag for years and start fresh!

Prep: when last did you clean your makeup tools and brushes?

If you are the only one using your brushes, do you need to clean them? Yes! Your brushes will last longer if you look after them well by cleaning them every two weeks.  In addition to cleaning your brushes it is essential to keeping your makeup kit hygienic.

Here are some tips! Wash your brushes in the palm of your hand using a few drops of brush cleaner, or baby shampoo. Add a few drops of water to work up a lather on the brush, and rinse gently with warm water. Dry them off with a towel and let them hang off the edge of the counter to dry.  Be gentle with your brushes, never submerge the full brush in water, but rather keep the brush upright when washing them.

Choosing a makeup brand?

Ensure that you choose a makeup brand that is of high quality, with skincare ingredients, that will nourish and protect your skin. One that is hypoallergenic and includes antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  Make sure that you are aware of the ingredients in the product before purchasing, and educating yourself in identifying harmful ingredients. Sormé Treatment Cosmetics is a brand that approaches makeup from a skincare point of view formulated with clinically proven anti-aging peptides, natural antioxidant botanicals, sunscreens and the finest colour pigments available.

Prime: the right complexion

Your complexion products are the secret to a great look, so get the basics right from the start. Analyse your skin type and choose your products accordingly. Depending on your skin type choose an oil free one or an anti-aging Primer.  What does a primer really do?  A primer hydrates and firms your skin before you apply your foundation.  It creates a lovely smooth, silky finish on your skin and longevity for your foundation.

Protect: choosing the right foundation is easy if you know how

Apply foundation on your jaw line, and match the colour in natural light.  The foundation that “disappears” on your skin without blending it in, is the right shade for your skin. Find out what your dominant undertone is, you will either have a combination of pink/yellow or blue/olive. This plays an important role in choosing your foundation.

There are also different types of foundation, the common liquid foundation, a powder foundation with a gorgeous silky finish and then also a BB Cream.

What is a BB Cream?  It’s a tinted moisturiser with a sun protector.  Our BB Cream has a SPF 30 and contains nourishing Argan oil which is ideal for young women to apply daily, and for women who prefer a light, dewy finish.

To ensure makeup longevity and freshness, choose a powder to set your foundation.  The colour of the powder is important as it will adjust the colour of your foundation slightly.

Do you ever get that eyeshadow crease half way through the day?

This is caused by an oil build-up on the eye lids.  Sormé has a fabulous product that solves this problem – Under Shadow Eye Shadow Base.  It’s an eye lid primer that you dab onto your eyelids to neutralise darkness, veins and redness so that your eye shadow colours will look rich and true. It holds your eyeshadow in place all day and improves eyeshadow blend ability! Plus this product can also double up as a concealer. It’s a must-have in your makeup kit!

Achieving an Express Makeup look with Sormé Treatment Cosmetics June 14, 2017 07:00

 Applying makeup is very personal and in this modern day and age it needs to be quick, long lasting (so you don’t need to worry about it during the day) and easy to touch up. You want to look well-groomed and fabulously natural. The aim is to create a brighter, fresher appearance with multitasking formulas containing hydrating, anti-aging, skin brightening ingredients and 2-in-1 products that are time-savers.

Here are just 5 essential products to help you achieve an express professional result:

Let’s get started with foundation – we recommend our Treat and Tint Skin Perfecting BB Cream containing Argan oil for nourishing the skin, SPF 30 and a beautiful sheer cover. By using a BB Cream you are eliminating a moisturiser / primer and sun protection as it’s all included. This BB cream will give you a dewy look, and if required you can use a light powder to set it.

Beautiful Brows: Brows are HOT and the in thing! Well-shaped eyebrows can make a real difference to your look and take years off! They frame the face, open it up, and give the eyes definition. Have your brows shaped and tinted professionally by a brow specialist and from there you can maintain the shape yourself. Brow Pencil and Always Perfect Brows Shadow can fill in the gaps, by using short feathery strokes with the pencil or the angled brow brush and follow the pattern of the hair growth.

Luscious Lashes: No eyes are complete without a frame of perfectly defined lashes to flutter.  For every day, use a mascara to colour, volumise (Extreme Volumizing Mascara) or lengthen (Ultra Lash Lengthening Mascara) your lashes. Black mascara defines the eyes like nothing else and works with any look. Dark brown mascara is generally softer and more flattering for mature faces. Don’t forget the bottom lashes too!  Hold the wand vertically and sweep it from side to side over the lashes without touching your face.

Charming Cheeks: A pretty flush creates youthful radiance and makes you glow with vitality. Blush enhances face shape and emphasizes the cheekbones. Ensure that you choose a colour that is similar to your natural flush colour to keep the look natural and soft. You can always mix colours to get the perfect shade and depth. Remember that it’s always easier to add colour than remove it, so start with a little and build up the intensity with our Mineral Botanicals Blush.

Perfect Pout: Lip colour is one of the most fun and accessible areas of makeup and also one of the most noticeable.  From pretty and natural through to classic and sophisticated, how we make up our lips can change our mood in an instant. Keep lips smooth and moisturised. Then choose a finish that you enjoy. Pale, glossy lips look full and healthy. They are flattering for most women, night or day. Choose a clear gloss or a slightly coloured one for a quick and easy on the go lip application. If you have a little extra time, colour your lips in with our Smearproof Lip Liner and then cover with our Lip Thick Plumping Lip Gloss. This will give your lipgloss a little more longevity and fullness.

5 simple steps for an express, natural look with a few essentials: BB Cream / Brow Pencil or Powder / Mascara / Blush and Lippies! Join us for monthly Introductory Skincare and Makeup Workshops on the 1st Saturday of each month, where we will teach you with our beautiful products how to balance your skin and create a beautiful day look. 

Your biggest skin care challenges solved with Refineé June 7, 2017 07:00

Apart from any inherent factors that determine what type of skin you have, there are many internal and external factors that affect the way your skin looks and feels. Knowing how these factors affect the skin is important if your goal is to keep your skin looking radiant and feeling its best for as long as possible.

To keep it simple let’s look at four obvious external factors affecting the skin:

Poor skincare:  lack of proper daily skincare, or incorrect skincare, can be a major factor affecting the skin’s condition.  For example, poor hygiene can lead to damage from acne or using the wrong products for your skin type can strip the skin and damage the protective barrier of the skin, leading to premature wrinkles and other damage.

Sun damage (Photoageing): the main cause of premature ageing of the skin is sun damage.  The sun’s harmful UV-A and UV-B rays’ break down the skin’s support structure – the all-important collagen and elastin that keeps our skin tight and supple.  Someone with sun damaged skin will have deeper lines and wrinkles compared to someone who does not have sun damage. The texture of the skin will be rougher, tougher, thicker and dehydrated and there may be areas of prominent blood vessels and uneven skin tone.  Damage from tanning machines and sunbeds can cause the same damage and produce the same results as natural sunlight.

Environmental Exposure: exposure to extreme weather conditions (cold, heat, wind, rain and sudden changes in temperature), pollutants and poor air quality all adversely affect the skin’s quality, resulting in dryness and dehydration.

Occupation: depending on where you work, the environment at work can affect the skin – things such as hot or humid conditions, a dusty environment – even overly dry air in the workplace from air conditioning or heating, affects the skin’s condition. 

There are several internal factors which also have a detrimental effect on the skin:

Stress: when the body is subjected to regular stress and tension it can cause sensitivity and allergies in the skin as well as encourage the formation of lines around the eyes and mouth

Hormones: the natural hormonal changes in the body affect the condition of the skin. 

Smoking:  the effects of smoking has been linked to premature aging, lines and wrinkles.  Nicotine deprives the skin’s tissue of essential oxygen, leaving the skin looking dull. Smoking destroys Vitamins B and C in the body which are important for healthy skin.  And finally, smoking increases the pore size on the skin and increases the formation of lines around the eyes and mouth.

Water consumption: the skin is made up of about 70% water.  When we deprive our bodies of enough water, toxicities build up in the skin and it becomes dehydrated.

Alcohol: Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the skin – it draws essential water from the tissue

Exercise: we all know that regular exercise is good for us – so it’s no surprise that it’s good for your skin too.  Regular exercise promotes good circulation and increased oxygen to the skin.

Sleep:  getting enough sleep is one of the most effective regenerators for the skin.

Diet: healthy skin is not only a sign of good skincare, it’s a sign that you have healthy eating habits too. 

Free Radicals: these are parts of oxygen molecules that are found in the body.  As a result of the external factors outlined above – smoking, pollution, sunlight etc. Free radicals attack the skin at the cellular level causing the quality of newly formed skin cells to deteriorate.

How can we prevent these factors from influencing the quality of our skin – by using high quality skin care ingredients!

Refineé Age-Reversing Skin Care is a technology advanced line of products that have harnessed the awesome power of peptide therapy combined with the healing power of botanical ingredients. Peptides, which are small chains of amino acids, proteins, which are the building blocks of every living tissue. These proteins when applied topically, can repair damage done to the skin on the cellular level. The results from using peptides on the skin is brighter, firmer, and more youthful looking skin. By combining peptide complexes and the healing power of plants, using the exclusive PepSyn complex, Refineé calms and soothes the skin, balances moisture and protects the skin from free radical attacks.

Our favourite botanical ingredient is Argan Oil due to its healing power because it is enriched with Vitamin A and E, antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids and helps to boost skin cell production. The Refineé Hydrating Gel Mask contains an Argan oil complex which helps to protect the skin from aging free radicals as it helps restore elasticity. Another important ingredient is the antioxidant Vitamin C which clinically shows to absorb free radicals that damage skin as it increases cellular energy to fight the formation of wrinkles and support the cellular matrix. Refineé has two products containing Vitamin C – a treatment serum called Refineé Intensive ‘C’ which assists with brightening the skin, fading age spots and hyperpigmentation and our Refineé Citrus ‘C’ Detox Mask which clarifies and brightens with Vitamin C and Goji berry.

The final step to any skin care regiment is to protect the skin from UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Refineé Protective Day Lotion with SPF30 is a light-weight mineral sunscreen with a level 30 protection from the sun which hydrates with antioxidants and green tea. We highly recommend a sun protector that you can use daily which compliments your skincare regime and is light enough to be worn under your makeup.

Refineé Professional Anti-Aging Skincare is developed for use on the face, neck and hands with a combination of peptides and natural botanicals.

Makeup that is actually beneficial for your skin! May 31, 2017 21:08

Sorme Treatment Cosmetics South Africa - Blog Post

I would like ask why do you think women wear makeup? Well there are a few reasons: we want to look professional and well groomed, to hide uneven skin tone, dark circles, pigmentation, and pimples! We like to be expressive and creative – this also shows a bit of our personality, and makeup is also a luxury, it’s mostly costly and ladies love to feel good and pampered.  However traditional makeup can be very heavy, clogging pores and causing skin irritations.

This is where Sormé Treatment Cosmetics was born –offering a professional make up line that is light, glamorous and beneficial to the skin. The ingredients include active plant botanical's, healing vitamins to nurture and enrich the skin, anti-oxidants and anti-aging peptides. This professional makeup range is made from a skincare point of view.  It is also highly recommended by dermatologists and skin care professionals to complement your skin care treatments.

So like many of us we have learned how to do our makeup from our moms, friends and the exposure we get from media.  But where do we start? The most important aspect of makeup is that you want your skin to look radiant and flawless. So in order to achieve this, your makeup routine should start with a good skincare regime.  One that is suited to your skin type and leaves your skin clean, hydrated, nourished and protected. Your skin is like a living canvas, one that needs to be clean and prepared for your makeup.  Think of an artist who is going to start a painting.  So start your skincare regime with the basics first and then build on it over time. 

The wonderful thing about Sormé Treatment Cosmetics is that it’s for both the professional makeup industry and for end consumers. For over 20 years, Sormé has teamed with professional makeup artists and the finest formulators around the world to bring you an exceptional blend of traditional beauty wisdom and advanced antiaging technology in every product. Exceptional makeup for all ages.

Appropriate hygiene for make-up application tools August 20, 2015 08:00

Why and how you should be cleaning and sanitising to keep their, often expensive tools in a usable state for a very long time.

How do you select products for your professional kit? August 19, 2015 08:00

Hair and Make-Up Professional Erin Smylie (@erinsmylie) talks to us about how she chooses her professional make-up 

[Photo by: Jack and Jane].

I am often asked how do professional Make-up Artist’s choose the products that they have in their kits?

I personally go through a criteria checklist when adding a new product line or product item to my professional make-up kit.

  • How frequently am I going to use this product?
    • There is no use purchasing a product if you maybe going to use it once. Make-up does not have a never ending lifespan and will need to be replaced frequently.
  • The longevity of a product when applying it to a face?
    • When doing bridal make-up in particular, you want to ensure your make-up is going to last for the entire event, be flawless on camera, your mascara and eyeliner are waterproof and your lipstick or lip gloss is a great product that you would want to wear for an entire day and can be easily reapplied.
  • How pigmented is a product?
    • You want to be able to use as little of a particular product to get a maximum effect.
  • What are the ingredients in the product?
    • Many make-up artists and clients want products that have as many natural ingredients in the product makeup as possible. Knowing that they are cruelty free makes everyone feel better about using the product and creates an ethical platform when promoting your services.

Every Make-up Artist decides on certain products because it works for them and their clientele. Never judge an artist on what is in their kit but rather on the result when applied.

There are so many products available to us in a professional space and it is just finding the one that suits your needs. Sometimes it will be trial and error and that is fine.

Erin Smylie -

Skincare Regimen : Normal to Oily skin August 6, 2015 11:10

If your skin is normal to oily then this is an easy to follow skincare regimen for you.

  1. Exfoliating Fruit Cleanser used daily in the morning or evening.
  2. Soothing Floral Toner used daily in the morning or evening.
  3. Citrus 'C' Purifying Mask applied 2 to 3 times a week
  4. Micro Derma-Peel used 3 times a week, but never on consecutive days
  5. Intensive 'C' Serum used 1 to 2 occasions, daily
  6. Daily Defence Cream applied each morning
  7. Firming Mineral Moisture Cream used as needed.

All the products can be bought here as a set, simplifying your order and saving you money! 

When applying skincare products remember the product application sequence

  1. Cleanser
  2. Exfoliator
  3. Soothing Floral Toner
  4. Eye Treatments
  5. Anti-Age Serums
  6. Anti-Age Creams
  7. SPF 30 Cream (always the last skincare item BEFORE makeup application).

A local is lekker review July 14, 2015 11:11

Sormé has been selected for this weeks Tuesday Treasure feature at Pieces in Pink! Why not head over there now to read more about her opinions of our brand in SA? As the saying goes 'local is lekker'
The original article can be found here

Sormè Ultimate Pro Tips – Brows June 8, 2015 08:00

Flawless Application for Brows:

There is more to creating a flawless look than great makeup...using quality products help!! However, even an excellent product can be used poorly.

The goal of these articles is to give you the professional application tips and techniques to make the most of your desired Sormè looks. Here are some easy and simple steps to follow for that great flawless look.  (Just like the professionals do it!)

All about Brows.. 

  • Brows frame your face and are one of our most important features.
  • Brow Lift can be used just like Under Shadow Base.
  • Apply Brow Lift just under the arch of the brow and blend toward your temple.
  • In addition you can use Brow Lift as a liner on the waterline to make you look “wide awake”.
  • Brow Pencils should be applied with short strokes in the direction of the hair growth for the illusion of natural brows.
  • Brow Powders can be used over Brow Pencils for more intense colour.
  • Comb your brows before applying product.
  • Use Get-a-Brow Gel over pencils and powders to set your brow.
  • Get-a-Brow Gel is ideal for men to cover grey in brows, sideburns, moustaches and beards! So fabulous to know we can use our makeup on our men too!  So now they can also look young and gorgeous!

Remember no look is complete without finished brows!

Sormè Ultimate Pro Tips – Eyes June 5, 2015 09:37

Flawless Application for Fabulous Eyes:

There is more to creating a flawless look than great makeup...using quality products help!! However, even an excellent product can be used poorly.

The goal of these articles is to give you the professional application tips and techniques to make the most of your desired Sormè looks. Here are some easy and simple steps to follow for that great flawless look.  (Just like the professionals do it!)

Step One: The Basics of Shadows 

  • Basic looks contain three shades of Shadows:  a base, a crease and a highlight.
    • Base colours are light and provide an all over lid colour to blend into.
    • Contour colours are dark and used to shape the eye in the crease.
    • Accent colours are used on the lid itself and blended into the contour for added “oomph”
  • Long Wearing Wet/Dry Shadows give a shear, buildable colour when dry, but a bolder colour when wet.

Step Two:  Liners 

  • For a bolder look to your Pencil liner, powder it with a liner brush loaded with a matching shadow.
  • For a blended / smudged look, line one eye at a time, taking the time to blend the line with a brush before moving on to the next. 
  • Liquid liner (Jet Liner) is meant to be used in long, fluid strokes.  You cannot “sketch” on a liquid line without making a disastrous mess.  Exactly! You need a very steady hand to apply this!
  • When working with false lashes curl lashes and apply mascara first.  Apply the lashes, and then apply liner to the new lash line.

A classic look can be accomplished with pencil or powder liner on the bottom, and a liquid liner on the upper lash line!

Step Three:  Mascara

  • For lush-looking lashes, comb them free of excess shadow before applying Mascara.
  • Apply Mascara to the bottom lashes first, then the top.
  • On the top lashes, apply Mascara from the base to the tip in an upward stroke, and then repeat a couple of times.  (This would be done from under the lashes) Apply Mascara to the top of your lashes by looking slightly down and directing the wand from the base to the tips of your lashes.
  • Use the “wiggle and twist” technique when applying Mascara to get the product to the base of the lash and then accentuate the natural curl of your lashes.
  • If necessary, comb through the lashes again with a lash comb to separate clumped lashes.
  • Combing lashes that have been dressed with a lengthening formula can counteract the illusion of length.

A heated eyelash curler is recommended for use after Mascara has been applied...and it will infuse your lashes with these conditioning ingredients!

Sormè Ultimate Pro Tips – Bronzer and Blush June 3, 2015 08:00

Flawless Application with Bronzer and Blush

There is more to creating a flawless look than great makeup...using quality products in your daily regime is essential!! However, even an excellent product can be used poorly.

The goal of these articles is to give you the professional application tips and techniques to make the most of your desired Sormè looks. Here are some easy and simple steps to follow for that great flawless look.  (Just like the professionals do it!)

  • Did you know that Blush can be used as shadows?  I think this is great, as now you have more choices for colours and you can mix and match your makeup!
  • Long Wearing Wet / Dry Blush should be applied with a brush.
  • Applying a Blush on the hallow of your cheeks in a upward stroke, gives the illusion of contour without a darker powder or foundation.  Remember to blend softly.
  • To give the illusion of youth, keep the colour to the centre of the apple of the cheek.
  • Angular shapes accentuate any hollowing that may occur with age, and can make a face look older.  So once again we can see the importance of application!

Remember: Angles determine age...try circular shapes and centralised placement for a youthful look!

Don't forget the brush June 3, 2015 08:00

Purchasing high quality cosmetics such as Sormé is far from cheap, however the confidence that comes with having a great appearance is well worth the money and time invested. Every day women around the world spend millions of Rands on their makeup, they then spend considerable time applying the makeup, but relatively few make the investment into good quality brushes.

Great makeup brushes are an investment, and when they are of a superb quality like those from the Sormé professional range they will be considerably cheaper to own in the long run. The adage goes 'a chain is as strong as its weakest link', don't let not owning the right brushes be the weak link in your beauty routine.

The right brush lasts a very long time, and is far better at applying make up evenly for a polished look when compared with using a cotton swab, a makeup wedge or even your finger. It is good for the environment too as brushes are easily washed and will last a very long time!

Importantly for those that suffer from acne, using a brush has been shown to prevent or minimise breakouts as it is more sanitary.

What makes a great brush? Firstly the bristles, Sormé uses the right bristles for the right application, some Sormé brushes contain all natural bristles whilst others use only high quality synthetic bristles. You don't have to worry to choose between the two, Sormé uses only the best option for the specific function. Next is the build of the brush, using only the best materials longevity is ensured.

1 week today! June 1, 2015 08:00

One week ago we were really proud to show off our new brands to the South African market! It has been only one week, and we have been amazed with the love shown to us. As we write this we have 130 facebook likes, and have been inundated with emails, text messages and phone calls of support!

Thank you!

As some of the eagle eyed among you noticed, we had a few gremlins slip into the system, but these have now been rectified (please let us know if you see anything else) and our social media buttons and our newsletter subscriptions are now working as expected.

We also added our rewards program, where as a customer you will earn points for each order you place, these points can be redeemed for vouchers and products, you can even earn points by sharing our site with your friends and family on facebook, twitter, or email!

We ask that if you please continue to spread the word, and remember that you can try any product on our site risk free. Whats more if you order today you can take 15% off the cost of your order by using the code "Friends15off"

We cannot wait for you to try our products!
Thanks again
The Sormé & Refineé team 


The Art of Make-Up May 26, 2015 22:24

The concept of a professional make-up artist being an artist in their own right may sound a little far fetched to most. However this cannot be nearer the truth. Once you dig a little into the profession you soon discover the high level of complexity and artistry that surround professional cosmetics.

Any professional make-up artist will have an innate ability of illusion and manipulation of the different shapes and features of the human face. The human face is a myriad of different shapes, features and elliptical curves, each interacting with the ambient light to create reflections, shadows and halftones. Add in motion and changing light environments and one quickly begins to understand the artistry the modern make-up artist weaves.

This artistry goes beyond equipment and brands. That said each professional make-up artist has his or her favourites. We will explore what professionals look for in each in future blogs.

Returning to the topic at hand, there are approximately eight different face types, six eye types and just as many lip types. If we factor in the various skin types and tones and the vast array of brow types then the make-up artist is faced with literally thousands of combinations to master. Blending, filling, concealing, contouring, accentuating, setting, lining, arching, priming, blushing, tinting, extending and toning… all in a days work.

Now let us contextualise the above by considering the requirements and the environment. From the all-important wedding day to the professional photo shoot to the female executive needing the corporate edge and latest palate. Each has completely different requirements to function best in your environment and your make-up artist has to be on top form to maximise each opportunity.

So is there any doubt just how much work and artistic talent your make-up puts into their job? So then why not recognise them for this? Sormé South Africa is running a competition to find those make-up artists that go the extra mile to make you look your best… when it matters most!




Sormè Ultimate Pro Tips – Primer and Foundation May 25, 2015 21:34

Flawless Application with Sormè Primers and Foundations

There is more to creating a flawless look than great makeup...using quality products help!! However, even an excellent product can be used poorly.

The goal of these articles is to give you the professional application tips and techniques to make the most of your desired Sormè looks. Here are some easy and simple steps to follow for that great flawless look.  (Just like the professionals do it!)

Step One - Primers: 

  • Start with a clean, moisturised and toned face. I love the Refineè Skincare range, as it is so beautiful and fresh. 
  • Apply Fresh Start Primer with a brush or sponge. One pump should be enough for the face, neck, and décolleté.  (Do not use too much or the Aloe in the product may congeal on the skin, which can then result in an uneven application and streaking). Great for men after shaving!  I even got my man to try it!
  • Undershadow Primer should be used with a concealer brush; It should never look like a white cream on the skin but rather be blended out to a soft powder finish. Use this Undershadow Primer over dark circles, blemishes, rosacea, and hyper pigmentation to lessen their appearance under foundation.  I uses this especially for my dark rings under my eyes and it works well.

Priming the skin creates a flawless canvas on which we can apply foundation for a flawless finish!

Step Two – Foundation:

  • Apply Mineral Illusions with a foundation brush or sponge.  I always used to use a sponge but must say swopping over to a brush was fantastic.
  • Apply Mineral Secrets with a Powder of Kabuki Brush, except when heavier coverage is needed, then apply the powder with a sponge and blend with a brush. Use Mineral Secrets as a setting finish over Mineral Illusion if you want to powder your foundation. This does create a beautiful finish.
  • Believable Finish Powders can be applied dry and with a brush, dry with sponge or wet. The key is to wet the sponge and not the product. If you use the product wet, you will achieve a fuller coverage. Contains some oil and should not be used over a liquid foundation.

Look out for our next blog where we will share tips on using blushers and the first steps for fabulous eyes!

Longest Lashes May 20, 2015 21:35

Every women wants her natural lashes to be the longest and lushest looking. Well there is great news, Sormé has launched Extra Lash here in South Africa! Extra Lash is clinically proven to in 30 days or less give your natural lashes that lush and long look. Using advanced lash treatment technology with Apple Peptide Complex boosts natural lash renewal and longevity to help your lashes appear longer and fuller. Amino acids build keratin proteins to strengthen, hydrate and make lashes look darker, more defined and so fluttery you won’t believe they’re yours.



Thank your favourite make-up artist May 20, 2015 21:25

Most women feel comfortable and confident enough to apply their own make up each day, but every now and then a special occasion calls for a little bit of pampering and the expert touch! On those days you don't want to be self conscience of your makeup and continuously double checking and that is why you employ these superstars. They understand all the factors such as the lighting, the climate and the location so that you look great in person, on film and under lights without having to worry about makeup. Most importantly they have experience in choosing the right brands to apply a look that will last the whole day.
Is your makeup artist a superstar? Why not nominate them for the 2015 Sormé makeup artist of the year award, they stand to win amazing prizes, and there is a R2000,00 Sormé/Refineé gift voucher up for grabs to one person who nominates their favourite makeup artist.

Celebrity Brows May 13, 2015 09:01

Brows are one of the most important features in a finished look, and the trending of brows from thick to thin, arched to angular, changes frequently.

For beautiful celebrity brows, you don't have to spend a fortune at a specialized salon. Follow some of these simple ideas for beautiful brows: