Makeup Artists

If you are a qualified and/or practising MUA (or student MUA) then take note of the important points below:

  1. You can register with us as a Professional User and receive a lifetime Pro/Student Discount. Simply email to register.
  2. Should you wish to form part of our makeup artists agency, considering becoming a reseller or stockist then please have a read through our business partner options. Click here to find out more...
  3. If you are looking for a Sormé Accredited Makeup Artist in your area then please click here..

Any professional make-up artist will have an innate ability of illusion and manipulation of the different shapes and features of the human face. The human face is a myriad of different shapes, features and elliptical curves, each interacting with the ambient light to create reflections, shadows and halftones. Add in motion and changing light environments and one quickly begins to understand the artistry the modern make-up artist weaves.