R 5,564.00

Why not have your own personally designed professional face pallet?

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery post payment of this custom made palette as it would need to be ordered from the USA.

The Sormé Professional/Student Face Palette comes with space for 10 Eye Shadows, 4 Wet/Dry Blushes, 4 Wet/Dry Foundations, and one Bronzer. That's a 19 piece palette just for you.

Best of all, purchased as this kit saves you over R2000 over purchasing the individual items!

Specifying Your Palette:

  1. You can select 10 eye shadows form our Long Lasting Eye Shadow Range or our exclusive Mineral Botanicals Range. The Vitamin C in these product helps prevent age signs while nourishing the delicate eye area. High fashion and natural nude shades are super long lasting and fragrance-free. The luscious velvety textured formula pampers delicate skin with hydrating Vitamin E as it protects with antioxidant Pomegranate and Green Tea. Vivid or muted colours blend easily for long lasting, fade and crease-resistant wear.
  2. Next select 4 wet/dry foundations are sourced from our Believable Finish Foundation Range. This superb, silky makeup provides beautiful, flawless coverage while hydrating and rejuvenating your skin. Alpha Hydroxy acids and antioxidant Vitamin C stimulate cellular renewal to prevent ageing. Hydrating Jojoba Oil keeps skin youthful and dewy.
  3. Next select 4 wet/dry blushes to add the right colour. These illuminating, silky feeling mineral blush tones are infused with nourishing Vitamin E, skin rejuvenating Rooibos, and antioxidant Pomegranate to keep skin young and healthy.
  4. Lastly select on of our Believable Bronzer shades. This slightly glistening formula adds gorgeous luminosity while it warms your skin tone. True soft bronze tones stay true to colour and look like a natural sun-kissed tan. Antioxidant Vitamin C and E protect your skin from ageing caused by free radical damage.

NB: Because we will custom make your palette please allow up to two weeks from order for delivery.

Would you like to learn how to use this product professionally?

We run regular makeup workshops hosted by professional makeup artists. The aim of these workshops is to simplify the application process, understand the various products and their application and to learn some advanced techniques for those that wish to take it a step further.  

Plus, if you are an existing client then you are entitled to a discount off your first workshop. Just email us on for more details.



Ingredients - See individual product pages.


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