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We believe every woman is beautiful...

Every woman is beautiful no matter their appearance. Beauty is not an external measure or what we see in popular media. Beauty cannot be airbrushed or photoshopped but rather its about who we are and our uniqueness as women. Women are unique and real, as is their beauty. This is exactly how we design our products... #RealMakeup for #RealWomen.

Latest makeup products, promotions & specials

We also believe beauty products shouldn't break the bank and that value for money is important and therefore have created the product promotions & makeup specials below to do just that.  We regularly launch new makeup and cosmetic products, conduct makeup promotions and online makeup specials whilst designing value-adding makeup product combinations. We do this to keep your beauty up to date and in line with global cosmetic trends and technology.

Available online in South Africa

Sormé Treatment Cosmetics South Africa is quality and professional makeup brand available online in South Africa.